Akua Flow Club Membership

New for 2022! Introducing the Akua Flow Club Membership. Membership provides all the benefits of our traditional season pass, plus an extended riding season, several new riding times dedicated to experienced riders, exclusive in-season lane configurations, and special rider events throughout the summer. Check out all the details below and join now during our Holiday Sale to get the lowest price of the year. The sale ends soon – become a member today! Akua Beach, the rider’s wave.

Akua Flow Club

Membership Includes

    • Limited access to the wave Pre and Post-season sessions at no additional cost.
    • Exclusive access during the summer season from 9 am-11 am.
    • Dedicated experienced riders lane during peak season operations.
    • Discounts and Season Pass. 
    • Evening riding sessions
    • No charge access to join in-house sessions as they occur.
    • Learn to ride sessions for friends and family.

Access to the Wave Pre & Post Season

From Memorial Day to Opening Day, and from Closing Day to Columbus Day you will have access to the wave whenever you'd like between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm. **Reservations Required

June 16- September 5

Normal Operating Season Access

During our normal operating season, AFC members will have access to an open wave every day from 9 am-11 am. Additionally, once the wave opens to the park the center line splitter will be installed during peak season, half the wave will remain open for experienced riders to session.

Membership Requirements

Members must be at least 13 years of age, adult supervision is highly recommended for those under 16.

The wave will only run during ride times (May 30 - June 17, 11 am-3 pm, June 18- September 5, 9 am -11 am, September 6- October 10, 11 am-3 pm) when members reserve in advance, an empty wave will not run. To reserve the wave just give a call a day in advance at 603 745 8810 and let us know you're coming. During in-season ride time, the lane will be split providing an experienced rider's lane during peak periods. There will be times when the full wave is available to all, however, lines will dictate when the divider is installed. Learn to ride sessions and special events will be coordinated based on the population's interest.