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We believe Flowboarding is more than a fun waterpark attraction. It’s a sport! Much like snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding, Flowboarding is easy to learn, extremely fun to hone your skill and can be an obsession to perfect your next trick. It's a great way to spend time with friends!

Premium Venue

Akua Beach is a venue like none other, it is a stand-alone attraction that operates much longer than our standard waterpark season. This Pacific Surf Designs Pro Flow Double provides a 3-inch thick sheet wave, that allows participants to Flowboard(surf) or bodyboard. This venue creates one of the longest riding seasons in our geographic area, Akua Beach provides surfing for nearly 6 months of the year.

Industry Partners

Akua Beach is an affiliate of CCi Sports - constructing athletes and promoting sports around the world.  Never ride alone!  Join the CCi sports club today and improve your skills with our team of experienced coaches, club ambassadors, and network of riders.

Akua Beach Private Sessions

This is the best way to learn to surf.  Book the wave for you and up to 9 other friends for your hour-long private session.  Included, are flowboards, bodyboards, and an instructor to coach you to success. All you need to bring is your baiting suit, towel, and your best friends for a session you'll never forget.  

Turn your private session into an event by adding food and beverage options like a bbq, cash bar, or simple snacks and drinks for a small setup fee.  Give us a call to build out your private session to meet your groups specific needs.

Base private sessions start at $249.00 per hour for up to 10 people. Call 603 745 8810 to book your private session. 

The Latest Gear

Check out Breakers Surf shop for the latest gear from O'Neil, MAK Flowboards, Ash Flowboards and Zefr body boards.

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