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Covid Related FAQs

Yes, we are operating at a limited capacity. To ensure your day at our park please book online here.

Masks are recommended to wear to enter the park. Masks are encouraged to be worn when moving around the park. Masks are recommended to wear inside and in areas where it’s difficult to practice safe social distancing such as check-in, retail and food locations. MASKS WILL NOT BE WORN ON SLIDES, RIDES, ATTRACTIONS OR IN THE WATER. 

Ironically, when the weather may not be the best or if there’s rain in the forecast are the best days to be at the waterpark. If it’s 80 and raining, what’s the difference, you came to get wet anyway. Days that are forecasted to be less than ideal always have lower attendance therefore there’s minimal if any lines all through the park. If we are forced to close due to severe weather, you will receive a voucher for your missed time with our industry-leading weather guarantee.

You have the opportunity to change your reservation 16 hours prior to the day reserved. Just call us at 603 745 8810 and we will arrange that for you. Some of the best days to be at a waterpark is when it’s raining. There are little to no lines at slides and attractions and you’re coming to get wet anyway. If we are forced to close due to severe weather, you will receive a voucher for your missed time with our industry-leading weather guarantee.

Yes, just please leave the glass and alcohol at home. 

We’ve adjusted our operations to protect our staff and customers alike. Below you will find a general outline of our adjustments. If you have specific questions regarding our operations please call us at 603 745 8810.

At the NH-Fun Family of Parks and specifically, Whale’s Tale Waterpark, we believe modifications made to our existing operations position us well to safely re-open. 

We are encouraging our guests to bring their own seating options, like a blanket or chairs, as we have acres of beautiful open grassy areas throughout the park. We have limited our capacity this summer. Reservations are recommended as well as the completion of any waivers. If you have questions please call us at 603 745 8810. 

We are open and we wanted to update you on a few things: 

  • Please wear face coverings if unvaccinated when entering the facility or public spaces with other individuals present, even if outdoors when social distancing is difficult to maintain.

  • Personal hygiene is key – please wash your hands (sing Happy Birthday twice to yourself), cough/sneeze into your elbow, use hand sanitizer, and maintain proper social distance as much as possible.

  • Food services have been marked with one-way signage for entering and exiting.

  • Chairs and tables will be spaced out by 6ft.

  • Social distancing signage and markers will be placed throughout the park including on floors, stairs, etc. 


NH State Visitor Code of Conduct

As we and other businesses around the state work to flex open businesses and recreation, it is important to recognize that we’re all responsible for keeping each other safe and healthy. Do your part by following the Visitor Code of Conduct which has been adopted by all Statewide Travel and Tourism entities.

Know Before You Go

• Have a Plan – think about all the places you plan to visit before you leave home and familiarize yourself with what to expect when you get there.

  • Review the website of the places you wish to visit to learn about any restrictions or special instructions for visiting in advance of arrival and respect the requests and requirements they have.

  • Businesses and outdoor recreation areas are committed to following state-issued guidelines.

    Educate Yourself

    • Check for updates! The guidelines provided today might be different tomorrow.

    Don’t Go If You Don’t Feel Well

    • If you or anyone traveling with you is feeling ill and/or has any of the COVID-19 symptoms, please reschedule your visit. We look forward to seeing you when you’re feeling better!

    Bring Supplies

    • Bring personal protective gear like hand sanitizer and masks. We try to have these available for guests as part of being open for business, but it’s a good idea to have your own as well.

    Expect Things to be Different

    • We are adapting to the new realities posed by COVID-19 and other viral transmission mitigation efforts and we encourage you to embrace the changes designed to protect the health of all our guests and employees.

    Follow On-Site Guidance

    Follow the guidance provided on our website, reservation confirmation, on signs and notices such as:

  • Physical distancing

  • Practicing good hygiene

  • Skip the trip if you or any of your travel companions are experiencing any COVID-19

    symptoms or don’t feel well.

    Be Patient

    With new guidance and plans in place, you may need to wait longer than usual to do the things you love. And the staff are probably learning new ways of doing things too in this unprecedented time, so cut them a little slack. But we also like to think that good things are worth waiting for, so please be patient!

    Respect Others’ Space

    Different people have different levels of concern for the pandemic virus, and therefore may be more – or less – worried about close contact with others. Please be thoughtful about this as you stay 6 feet from others.

    *Source: Ski NH, White Mountains Attractions Association, WWMCC

Stop the Spread of Germs Instructions