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Whale Harbor - Great for little children

Whale Harbor Whale Harbor is the perfect attraction for little children who…

Whale's Tale Waterpark_tubing

At the Whale’s Tale Water Park, the whole family can play in the only wave pool in the White Mountains. Ride the big waves or relax in the gentle ones at the shallow end. No need to worry about sand or salt. A splashing good time awaits you at the Whale’s Tale Water Park. Streak down the speed slides, twist through the flume slides, or splash down the 360 foot tube ride with clean, clear filtered water.

The Plunge

Take the Plunge if you dare. Experience our dual speed slides and reach speeds of up to 40mph. Riders can race each other and prove once and for all who is the fastest.

Shipwreck Island

Our biggest and best expansion project yet. This state of the art water complex will entertain the entire family for hours! Watch out though, you WILL get wet!

Poseidon's Voyage

Riders of Poseidon’s Voyage begin in the SkyBox; a nearly vertical launch capsule, which is the steepest drop in the industry, with a trap door on the bottom. Tension builds as you hear your heart pounding. Then adrenaline kicks in as the floor suddenly drops out and you accelerate to the top speed of 38 feet per second. Powerful G-Forces glue you to the wall the entire way around the tight 360° SuperLOOP.

Jonah's Escape Lazy River

1/4 mile lazy river gently sweeps riders around the waterpark passing under a covered bridge and past waterfalls. Unwind as you float around the Whales Tale Waterpark on a ride that never has to end.

Girls on Harpoon Express

400′ long and nearly 7ft. wide this attraction sends from 1-3 riders down a bobsled style course. Built in the summer of 2000, the Harpoon Express combines a thrill and family ride into one.

Eye of the Storm

This attraction is the latest in waterpark thrill ride technology. After travelling down a dark, enclosed tube at a 50 degree angle, riders are thrust into the light as they enter the “eye of the storm” at speeds of up to 35mph. Rotations are made around the sloped bowl until an inevitable 4′ drop is taken into the pool below. Awesome! A crowd pleaser. Take a spin yourself or climb to the first landing to watch the fun.

Downpour Slide with Park in the Background

Zip through the turns of the two Downpour slides. The 430′ long winding course starts 50′ in the air. Then climb back up and do it again.

Castaway Cove

Come get away from it all in our 85 foot heated pool, surrounded with three giant hot tubs.